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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fitness at the Library

I have always been a huge fan of public libraries, but this week I discovered a little hidden gem at the local library. This is an especially cool perk for me, because not only is it free, but it's within walking distance of my home, a huge plus with two infants at home who love going for walks in their stroller. Did you know that the library has a huge selection of work-out dvds available for check-out? I was pleasantly surprised at the variety that is available for free to the public. They have everything from yoga to aerobics, to dance workouts, to circuit training. If you're like me, you probably assumed they would be outdated or lame, but I was able to find some that gave me a decent workout, including the Flat Belly Diet workout, Bob Harper's Biggest Loser workout, a Crunch Bikini Body workout, and a yoga routine. This is a great way for people like me, who love group fitness, but can't always make it to the gym at the scheduled class time due to family obligations, work, etc. to be able to come close to feeling like we were able to attend one of our favorite classes. The especially great thing, in my opinion, about checking out these DVDs, is that you only get them for 2 weeks at a time, which is not enough time to get completely sick of the instructor and the routine. You can go get a different video every two weeks to keep your routines fresh while never spending a dime. This way, you've got a go-to resource in your home to make sure you don't have an excuse to skip your workout, since we all know getting out for a run or to the gym doesn't always happen as we planned with work and family life sometimes getting in the way. To make it even easier, and save some of your very precious time, you can go online to the library's website to search for and place holds on the items you wish to check out. When you get to the library, the items are waiting right at the checkout for you so there's no need to search for the dvd. I think this is a fabulous service and utilize it regularly. Check it out. I hope that like me, you'll be pleasantly surprised and excited to try out a new routine.

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