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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fitness at the Beach

Do you love going to the beach but get bored just soaking up the sun or feel like you should be getting some physical activity in too while you lay there? Sometimes it's just too hot to lay there on the beach and you find yourself in the water anyways. Might as well get in a workout while you're there, right? I, for one, find swimming in the ocean a bit intimidating and to throw a board into the mix while battling the waves and sea life is even more intimidating. I love to take a good walk in knee high water, trying to keep a good pace. It's also great to walk further up from the water in the soft sand if the sand isn't too hot. Lunges on the sand are a great activity too and if you keep those toes in the water, you'll stay cool while working out in the summer sun. Long walks on the beach are always a great workout no matter how you do them and if you're up for it, jogging on the sand can be a killer workout too. Find what works for you.

If you're like a very good friend of mine and crave adventure and excitement, you might want to try out surfing. Paddling out to catch a wave and riding it back in, over and over again is an insane total body workout. Just check out the surfers on the beach and you'll see their physical fitness is nothing to bat an eye at. Even in calm waters, with a surfboard in hand, you can tackle your workout for the day. Try just paddling around on the board for a great upper body workout. You can even try out stand up paddle boarding, a sport that is really taking off here in south Florida. Body surfing and boogie boarding are also fun ways to fit in physical fitness. Give them a try if you like a good thrill!

Of course, any time you're out in the sun and on the water, be sure to lather up with sun block and play it safe. Just because you're cool in the water doesn't mean your skin's not taking the heat. It's brutal out there, especially if you're not a native. Take heed of posted warnings too and brush up on your water safety skills. It's always good to have a buddy with you, no matter how smooth you think you might be. Better safe than sorry. Have fun out there. Make it a great day!

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