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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Keeping Cool and Fit

There is something so refreshing about the summer. Longer days, lots of sunshine, more time spent poolside. Along with the changing weather, why not try changing up your workout? I think summer is the perfect time to try out something new in your fitness regimen. I've talked previously about how brutal working out in the summer heat can be, especially if you don't have a air-conditioned gym to work out in. I've gotten creative with my workouts over the past few days, trying out new activities to stay fit but still keep cool, even if you don't have a gym to get fit in.

We just switched our cable company and in the process of the switch, I realized we get a channel called FitTv. You probably get it too. I realized that I had heard about it before in a magazine but had kind of filed it away so I decided to check it out one hot morning. Talk about a great find! There's all kinds of work-out programs on that channel, and they're all included with the cost of your cable bill, no extra gym membership needed. I tried out some Indian dancing, which was quite fun I might add, and a great workout, especially for my core. On top of that, I got to dance in the privacy of my own home, without worrying about feeling silly in a class at the gym, surrounded by other people who are likely better dancers than I am. I never would have attended that class at the gym, for fear of embarrassment, but found it quite exhilarating and energizing in the privacy of my own home. I've been checking out other workouts as well. I highly recommend it!

The other resource I so often forget is the pool in my backyard. I got a great, refreshing workout swimming laps in the pool. I kept asking myself, "Why don't I do this more often?" It felt great to slice through the water, both keeping cool and working out in a different way. You don't need a huge pool to get fit in. Be adaptable and swim the diagonals, or just jog in the water. That's a great workout too and you won't find yourself getting overheated. Even if you don't have a pool at your house, try it out on your next vacation when you're at the hotel pool or at the beach. I think you'll find it quite invigorating.

As I rode my bike past a playground, I thought of all the possibilities for a workout on the jungle gym. Don't use your kids as an excuse not to workout. Take the kids to the playground and get your workout in while they run around and play, keeping active as well. You can do pull-ups on the monkey bars, push-ups on a bench, lunges on any stairs, etc. The possibilities are endless. It's a win-win situation for the whole family.

It's always good to shake things up your workouts. Keep your body guessing to keep your metabolism revved. Try a different activity once a week, or just change up something in your regular routine. It will keep things fresh and fun, to keep your workouts from getting stale and keep your body from getting stuck in a rut. See what fun activities you can try out to keep cool and stay in shape while enjoying your summer. Let me know how it goes. I can't wait to see where you're creativity takes you.

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